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The Binomes series is a cute little TV show that the creators of ReBoot pitched as a spin-off series to be made while Mainframe Entertainment was under ownership by IDT Entertainment (now called Starz Entertainment). The show was meant to target a younger audience than ReBoot was made for.

The show would focus completely on binomes, no sprites would appear. The star would be a young one binome named Bin, and his friends and family. The stories would be simple, about their everyday adventures living in Mainframe.

Unfortunately, the cute little show never took off and only a small promotional picture was made.

Here is the pitch made for the show.

Meet Bin! And his friends and family: Cookie, Digit, Browser, the Kernel, Mr. and Mrs. Fontface, and the Wizzywigs! They live on a chip farm where computer chips grow, cables are trees, and children are told to eat their electrons - because they're good for them.

Whether Bin is helping his parents on their chip farm, playing beta-ball with his friends, or just facing the typical growing pains of any young boy, our audience will see that he's just like them.

And what's it like inside a computer? It's a place of shiny-sided houses topped with motherboard roofs, and curved barns that look like a cross between and airplane hangar and a wireless mouse. There's even a stream for the kids to play in - sure, it's a sparkling silver data-stream, but it is a stream.

You may have noticed that Bin and his buddies look a little... unusual. But they're not just stationary cubes - they're alive and limber! When Bin gets excited ("No school today?!") he'll spin his head in circles. And when he gets a sudden surprise, his cubes will jump apart, then drop back together. (Neat, huh?)

The Binomes. They're just plain processors in a world where beta-balls hover, the sky is blue circuits, and static storms are the norm. But kids still like to play, have adventures and be read to at bedtime - because some things never change ( including Bin's Mom's hair... but that's another story!)

52 x 11' minute episodes from leading CGI Animation producer Mainframe Entertainment --- a pre-school show for every little kid that's surfed the net!