The binomes, also called bots, encountered by the team of New Guardians in cyberspace (and later revealed to be outside of the old mainframe system) appeared as nearly identical robots which either worked or provided security to the systems or programs they belonged to. The binomes that were within the anti-malware programs used by the DSI made use of transport vehicles that resembled army helicopters for rapid deployment. They were also known as bots.

The Sorcerer was able to reanimate discarded binomes to make a zombie bot army. (Zombie Army).

  • Repair Binomes- makes sure that the system that they belong to gets up and running again if the site crashes.
  • Share Binomes: act as couriers for videos. Noticeably present in Social Media City.
  • Defense Binome: used for protecting systems. equipped with a shield.
  • DIS Patrol Bots: used by the DIS and are also stationed in Virusylum. They are also deployed in DIS Patrol helicopters

Trivia Edit

  • Binomes in the Guardian are based on the real life versions of the 'bots'used in real cyberspace.
  • Unlike the Binomes in the original series, these ones lacked the personality or individuality outside of their assigned functions.
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