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Biker Binome

The Biker Binome is a one binome living in Mainframe. She wears biker leathers and knows a great deal about fixing engines.

The Biker meet Bob at Dot's Diner. She was chasing an animated energy shake out of the diner when Bob's Car crashed near the diner. She asked if he was having problems with his interocitor. Bob told her it was the fifth time that cycle. Despite the car's problems, the Biker was impressed with the rare classic car. She was less impressed by Enzo's little Air Kart that he flew in a minute later.

While Bob was talking with Dot Matrix, Enzo and the Biker had a look at the car's engine. She found that the danules tubes were blocked and recommended to flush them out. She wasn't able to do this as Bob had to rush off to the Principal Office to fight off an attack by Megabyte. (Bad Bob)

The Biker helped Bob find a V3 Bike to replace his broken 262 Convertible. Bob was very impressed, and she told him that it would give him much less trouble than his old car. Bob defended his car, saying it was a classic. They were interrupted when a giant drawing of a sun appeared in the sky. The Biker asked Bob what it was, but he said he didn't know. The Biker replied sarcastically that she thought guardians knew everything. They soon found out that Hexadecimal had infected the System Paint Program and was literally painting the town. (Painted Windows)


  • The Biker Binome appeared on ReBoot during its time on the ABC Network. Despite their odd Broadcast Standards and Practices, the Biker has cleavage, unlike other characters that appeared at that time.
  • An interocitor is a fictional multi-functional device that first appeared in the 1949 story "The Alien Machine", which became the beginning four chapters of the 1952 novel "This Island Earth", which in turn was made into the 1955 science fiction film "This Island Earth".