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Megabyte's Bike[]

Megabyte's Bike

Megabyte started using a large combat bike during the Viral Wars. This bike was the same viral color of Megabyte. He flew it as a fast maneuverable vehicle to compliment his limo. Once the Silicon Tor was destroyed, Megabyte returned to using his limo when he attacked the Principal Office. After Megabyte lost the war, AndrAIa started using the bike for the evacuation of Mainframe to the Principal Office.

AndrAIa's Combat Bike[]

AndrAIa's Bike

This combat bike was AndrAIa's vehicle flown against Daemon's forces during the Net War. This vehicle was destroyed as AndrAIa attempted to anticipate a portal that doesn't appear and ends up crashing into a pillar in the Desert Port System. (Cross Nodes)

Matrix's Combat Bike[]

Matrix's Bike

This combat bike is Matrix's vehicle-of-choice when in combat against Daemon's armies during the Net War. It comes with an unparalleled amount of weaponry that is concealed under its rear section. This bike was left behind in the Desert Port System when Matrix was forced to abandon it and use an Exoskeleton Suit to fight a Guardian platoon. (Daemon Rising)