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Beverly Hills Sector

Beverly Hills is the posh area of Mainframe, named after the real-life posh suburb of Los Angeles, California. The very elite of Mainframe's society reside here and is home to wealthy Binomes like Mr. Mitchell.

Beverly Hills

The Sector is located between Wall Street and Floating Point Park.

Just before the destruction of Mainframe's Twin City, Beverly Hills was devastated by a lost Game. A sub-sector of Beverly Hills was already nullified before the Twin City exploded. (Daemon Rising)

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills maintains a small dock area where the wealthy can keep their sailing yachts to take cruises on the Energy Sea. Mr. Mitchell has a small sailing yacht docked there. Its not the largest vessel in the harbor, but certainly the fastest ship in Mainframe. The yacht was commandeered by Dot Matrix under Phong's authority in order to chase the pirate ship the Saucy Mare. (The Crimson Binome)

The Energy Park

There is an Energy Park in Beverly Hills that many of Mainframe's citizens visit for fun. The park was visited by Bob and Enzo Matrix to distract Enzo while Dot organized a surprise birthday party for her younger brother. Enzo was already very tired from a full day of fun and distractions. Bob pushed him down the energy slide and contacted Dot. When Enzo reached the bottom of the slide he jumped on a Zip Board and went back to Dot's Diner on his own. Bob panicked, alerted Dot, and quickly followed Enzo. (Talent Night)