The Bazaar

The Bazaar is large marketplace in a courtyard located within the Desert Port System. A stone statue of a Binome explorer is situated in a fountain directly at in a traditional market square. Traders set up stalls here where buyers from the Net can browse.

This marketplace is normally quite lively and bustling with activity. A Game Cube entering the system can scare away the people there, but soon after it leaves the local businesses are busseling again. Many Binomes and Sprites of various origins pass through the streets. Traders here sell a variety of bizarre merchandise such as files and data, Fuzzpoppers and red apples. Some sellers will personally offer visiters to this system Wardrobe upgrades, accessories, and other more appropriate dresswear.

Also to be found throughout this area are entertainers such as snake charmers.

Matrix, AndrAIa and Frisket arrived in the Bazaar via Game Hopping. At first they thought it was a ghost town but sellers almost immediately returned to exchange goods and services again. However, it wasn't long before Slimey Goober stole Glitch from Matrix prompting the renegade to give chase.

Meanwhile, AndrAIa was fascinated by the clamor and wanted to do some shopping, although this made Frisket irritiable. Eventually the infected Guardians arrived in the marketplace via a Zoom Room tracking down the Guardian code on Matrix's Icon, thinking it was Bob. Everyone else fled in panic as they soon begun trashing the whole Bazaar.

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