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Baudway Sector

Baudway Sector is Mainframe's prime business, shopping, and entertainment district. There are six large buildings on the edge of the sector that have the word Baudway on each of them. Dot's Diner is in this sector and is home to Dot and Enzo Matrix.

Dot's Diner

Baudway is located between Kits Sector and Giedi Prime.

When the Code Master named Lens came to Mainframe, Baudway was where the final showdown between him and the former Code Master Talon took place. (High Code)

Baudway Sky Scrapers

Baudway took heavy damage during the Web War. Dot's Diner was completely destroyed in the conflict when a CPU fighter crashed on the building. (Web World Wars)

The sector was severely damaged along with the rest of Mainframe during the second half of the Viral Wars. When the war came to a close the city began to shut down. Baudway sank into the Energy Sea along with the rest of the city as the system crashed. The city was restored when the User performed a restart for the system. Baudway came back online with the rest of the city, restoring all the buildings to their original appearance. (End Prog)


  • Baudway is a play on "Broadway", the street on which the production studio was located in Vancouver, Canada.
  • In computing, "Baud" is the term used to describe symbols per second or pulses per second.