Battledroids is a Game that appeared in the ReBoot Adventure Games book "The Virus Hunter."

The game takes place in a futuristic war zone, with the goal in each level being to make it to the end of hostile territory. Both the User and rebooted sprites pilot Battledroids: "With their long arms and short legs, the droids look like mechanical gorillas with fishbowls in place of heads." The droids' primary weapons are their powerful fists, but they can also attack with shoulder-mounted missiles, which while powerful are in short supply and cannot be replenished in the course of the game.

The first level requires a droid to cross open ground while trying to reach a heavy gun turret. After that they must cross an open field while enemy ships bomb the terrain. The third level requires the droid to destroy the enemy base which is surrounded by a minefield.

While their goals are the same, the User-controlled droid is able to recognized sprite-controlled droids as competition and can attack them.

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