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Basic Combat 2
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Tank
Genre Military Combat
Winner Game crashed and merged with Dinosaurs
Appearance When Games Collide
List of Games.

Basic Combat 2 is a Game the User has loaded into Mainframe.

The Game is mostly battles between tanks, soldiers, and war planes. The User must defeat as many apponents as he can to win. The Game is an updated version of the older Basic Combat Game.

User with Bob rebooted

The User is a tank with a stalling engine. The landscape is very different from the first Basic Combat Game. It's set in a barren battlefield with bombed out ruins and scorched landscape. The User that loaded this version of the Game was much better at playing it than the one that loaded the first version.

Game slowing down

Bob and Megabyte were trapped in this Game when the Cube landed on the Silicon Tor. Megabyte had been using a Leech Command to drain mass amounts of energy from Game Cubes so that he could break into the cities Archives.

Game Cube losing power

Hack and Slash set the Leech Command to high and pulled to much energy from the Basic Combat Game. The User, Game Sprites, and all weapons in the Game started to slow down because of the energy drain. The Game Cube began turning transparent and started to crash. Phong attempted to route some energy to the Game but was not fast enough. The System Voice announced, "Game Crash Confirmed, Manual Restart." A second Game Cube loaded into the system and landed on the first Cube. The second Game was a Dinosaurs Game. The two Games created a very strange Merged Game. (When Games Collide)