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ReBoot Character
Format Sprite
Hobby Pretending to be tough
Catchphrase Pixelacious!
Voice Actor Cathy Weseluck
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Backup is a young sprite living in a Damaged System. His family have all been nullified by the time Matrix arrived in the system. He has gold colored skin and a more metallic look than other sprites. He lived on the streets like most of the city's inhabitants. Backup is the last sprite in the system.

Backup likes to think he is tougher than he really is. When he's first seen he is fighting a Praying Mantis Virus, thinking he actually scares the large virus. Luckily Matrix and AndrAIa had just arrived in the system and Matrix jumped on the virus and quickly deleted it. Matrix was not impressed by the small sprite, treating him as an annoyance at best.

When Matrix and AndrAIa called for volunteers, Backup only volunteered when the Game Cube had almost landed. He idolized Matrix and did very well in the Game, taking all the advice he could. The other volunteers were Gabby, Hardboot, Jeff, and Barry.

When they won, Backup was sad that Matrix and AndrAIa had to leave with the game, so Matrix gave Backup his old yo-yo, as a keepsake to remember him by.


  • Backup is a code name given by Matrix. The character's real name is never given.