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Baby Binome

Baby Binome is an infant one binome living in Mainframe. His mother is a zero binome and his father is a one binome named Jimmy. He is almost always seen holding a toy of Bob.

The stone figures of the Baby's Mother handing him to Dot

The Baby Binome and his parents were evacuated to the Principal Office as the Medusa Bug was infecting the system. He began to cry as the building turned to stone. After everyone was infected the stone figure of his mother was seen trying to hand the baby to Dot. Bob, being immune to the viral bug, took the baby's infected toy and went to see Hexadecimal in her Lair. He threw the toy at Hex to try and infect her, but she easily stopped it. (The Medusa Bug)

The Baby Binome and his parents were enjoying a day at the city's docks in Kits Sector until the pirate ship Saucy Mare arrived and its crew began raiding the sector for goods. The family was caught in a File Lock together, it did not release them until after the ship had left. (The Crimson Binome)

The little family lived in a sub-sector of Giedi Prime. Dot Matrix tried to free the sub-sector by gathering its citizens' PID's. The Baby Binome's family was the first to give their PID's in the hope of freedom from Megabyte. (Identity Crisis, Part 1)

The Baby Binome and his parents

A year later, Megabyte had his spy, Cyrus, begin a smear campaign to turn everyone against the young Guardian Enzo Matrix. Inside a Game Cube, Cyrus gathered a small mob against Enzo. The Baby Binome and his mother were in the crowd. The baby threw his guardian toy at Enzo. (Firewall)

Being evacuating from an Incoming Game

Baby Binome's Mother was seen being evacuated along with several other civilians by a CPU Tank when a Game Cube was landing in a section of the city. It is uncertain if her baby was with her at the time. (Game Over)

After the Viral Wars, the family was evacuated to the Principal Office as the system began to crash. They were restored, along with the rest of the city, as the system came back online. (End Prog)

Emma and the Baby Binome were seen walking out of Dot's Diner after the system restart while Mike the TV was announcing the Mainframe Strolling Players production of the Viral Wars events. (End Prog)

During a battle between the powerful viruses, Daemon and Hexadecimal, Hex was thrown through the apartment of the Baby Binome's family. He didn't seem too upset at the crash, simply dirtying his diaper. (Sacrifice)