Austin Carter is the leader of the next-generation Guardians. He is more than a leader, but a friend. His Guardian codename is Vector. He is portrayed by Ty Wood.


He lost his father in a fire and lives with his mom.

Vera selected him for his leadership.

He was originally friends with Parker, his bestie, when he lost his father and they moved together to a different city. He goes to Alan Turing High School and made 2 new friends there. Tamra and Trey. They all met before through a video game called Guardians and they met in real life.


  • Though different in appearance, Vector's Zipboard by name and function is a carry-over from the zipboard in the original Reboot series.
  • Vector was previously the name of a character in a webcomic from the 2000s called ReBoot: Paradigms Lost who was recruited by Turbo.
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