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Austin Carter was the leader of the next-generation Guardians in Reboot the guardian code. His Guardian codename was Vector. He is portrayed by Ty Wood.


He had lost his father in a fire and lived with his mom.

Vera(Virtual Evolutionary Recombinant Avatar) selected him for his leadership.

He was best friends with Parker (Googz). He went to Alan Turing High School, and met Tamra (Enigma) and Trey (D-Frag). They had met before through a video game called Guardians and at finally met in real life.


  • Though different in appearance, Vector's Zipboard by name and function is a carry-over from the zipboard in the original Reboot series.
  • Vector was previously the name of a character in a webcomic from the 2000s called ReBoot: Paradigms Lost who was recruited by Turbo.