Bob's Armor

The Armor is a black suit made of protective clothing intended to protect its wearer from physical harm. This black full-body armor is a Sprite-sized protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted to an individual from direct contact.

A Web Creature arrived in Mainframe and began preying on its residential viruses in order to survive, it infected Megabyte and forced him to merge with Hexadecimal. This upgrade reformed the supervirus Gigabyte. Bob confronted the virus demanding that it state its name and function, hoping to prove his viral theories correct by checking whether it was benign or not. The Guardian was mistaken as Gigabyte was a Class-5 energy absorbing supervirus which attacked him and attempted to steal his energy. Fortunately Bob escaped, but his Guardian suit took damage in the process.

Bob had to formulate a plan to defeat Gigabyte, but in order to lure the virus away from the Core he had to face him in Floating Point Park. He asked Phong if there was anything in the Armory storage that might be helpful against their new foe. The old Sprite wearily told Bob this was not the Super Computer, a line Bob had become all too familiar with. Nevertheless, Phong managed to find some technology that did not require energy to function. Bob intended to distract Gigabyte long enough for Phong to detach the sector from the rest of the system. When Bob confronted Gigabyte at the park he told Glitch to engage 'Solid State Mode', presumably making him a little hardier for hand-to-hand combat. Gigabyte was surprised by the Guardians use of these primitive weapons. Bob ignored him and tried to attack which only angered Gigabyte. After flooring the Guardian, he intended to drain both him and Glitch of all their energy when Hack and Slash surprised attacked the supervirus, sending him reeling. (Gigabyte)

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