There are several living Appliances in the Net. Although most are not alive the ones that are, are treated like regular citizens.


Mike the TV

Mike the TV is the best known living appliance. He is an extremely annoying TV that works as a news caster in Mainframe. Mike used to have a remote, but the poor thing couldn't stand Mike and ran away. Since then no one has been able to turn Mike off. (Wizards, Warriors, and a Word From Our Sponsor)



Cecil is a living diner service unit. He works at Dot's Diner in Mainframe as a waiter. Cecil has a French accent and believes himself above most menial tasks. Like other Dedicated Servers, Cecil has no legs, but slides along a guide track in the ceiling.

Alternate TimelineEdit

Idnt2 1426r

Service Entry Unit 26

Megabyte managed to conquer Mainframe and turn it into Megaframe. Dot's Diner became Nibble's Diner, and Cecil was replaced by a robotic server, named Service Entry Unit 26. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)

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