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Animals are data beings advanced in physical design but lack the same intelligence as people have. There are several animals in Cyber Space. However, not many are kept as pets.


Frisket is a feral dog that lives in Mainframe. His owner is Enzo Matrix. Frisket is red and yellow in color and wears a light blue collar. His icon hangs on his collar like a tag. Frisket is incredibly strong, able to lift a whole ABC with his teeth alone.


Scuzzy is a small cat like animal. He lives with Hexadecimal in Lost Angles. Scuzzy is not exactly a pet, as he seems to come and go as he pleases. Scuzzy serves as a spy extraordinaire, no security system has ever been able to keep him out. He's never been caught or detected even once. Scuzzy is far more intelligent than any standard animal, capable of comprehending others and comminicating with them. He is also quite devious, and can take great pleasure in the fear of others.

Web Creature

Web Creatures are large animals from the Web. They are black or gray in color, and belong to no one. Extremely dangerous to those living in the Net, Web Creatures move in herds through the vast and uncharted Web. However degraded-sprites who become Web Riders are able to use them as beasts of burden for their own purposes. While not exactly keeping them as pets, they most certainly resent anyone attacking them.

A Null

Nulls are sometimes considered animals as they are mindless worm creatures. They all used to be people but were turned into Nulls by either lost Game Cubes or massive explosions. Nibbles is the only Null known to be kept as a pet, all others simply roam free throughout cities, majority acting as pests so most people don't generally like them. Their energy-draining nature also makes them dangerous for most to touch. Hexadecimal has a great deal of control over nulls, sometimes using mass hordes of them to attack her enemies.