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Ambulance Service

The Ambulance service in Mainframe services the city by running to help during any accident and the seen of any finished Game, regardless if it is won or lost.

Ambulance at a nullified sector

An Ambulance was seen when a Game was lost because Bob was unable to enter the Cube before it landed. Megabyte had requested that Bob do a favor for him, but Bob had refused. When the Game Cube began to land, Megabyte had his troops keep Bob from entering the Game. As a result, he couldn't help the people trapped inside and the Game was lost. The Ambulance arrived at the nullified sector and searched for any injured survivors. As usual, all that could be found were nulls. (The Tearing)

An Ambulance went to Dot's Diner after Dot Matrix was injured by a magnet. The paramedics examined her inside the diner, but could not do more for her than what Phong had already told Bob to do, get her some slow food from Al's Wait & Eat to slow her accelerated condition. (Quick and the Fed)

Several CPU troops and two ambulances arrived at the entrance to the Principal Office when Phong was being held captive in a File Lock by the Code Master Lens. They were very happy to see Bob and Dot arrive to help resolve the situation. Lens agreed to release Phong unharmed, but soon left the Principal Office to wreck havok on Mainframe. (High Code)

Ambulance arriving to help Frisket

After the Malicious Corpses Game was won by Dot Matrix and Enzo Matrix, an Ambulance arrived and offered to take Enzo, asking if he was hurt. Enzo told them he was fine, but his dog, Frisket, was hurt. They told Enzo that Frisket would be ok, and Dot told the paramedics that she wanted Frisket to be seen by specific doctors, and that she wanted him to have the best treatment. Frisket was rushed into the Ambulance and it rushed away to the hospital. Later, the hospital contacted the Principal Office, saying Frisket was doing much better and that the doctors requested Enzo to pick him up immediately, as he was threatening the staff. (To Mend and Defend)

Evacuating a sector

Several Ambulances were seen helping to clear a sector where a Game Cube was landing. As they helped a CPU Tank evacuate people from the sector, another group of CPUs were escorting Guardian Enzo Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket in Bob's Car towards the landing Game Cube. (Game Over)

During the Net War, an Ambulance was at the seen of the null cocoon. They were trying to help the virus Hexadecimal out of the cocoon, but were unsuccessful. When it was discovered the null Nibbles was really Welman Matrix the Ambulance tried to locate the null from within the mass horde. (Daemon Rising)