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Alien Combat
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Alien Gunship
Genre Combat
Winner System Wins
Appearance When Games Collide
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Alien Combat is a Game that the User had loaded into Mainframe.

It is a particularly difficult Game for the sprites caught in the Game to beat. The User is a large alien gunship that moves around trying to exterminate the aliens inhabiting some old ruins. The Mainframers act as the aliens trying to fight off the powerful gunship. There are no known Game Sprites in this Game.

User Alien Gunship

Bob, Dot Matrix, Enzo Matrix, and several binomes were caught in this Game when it landed in Mainframe. They had extreme difficulty trying to even damage the User. They tried to lay an ambush for the User, but its weapons overpowered the sprites and they continued to hide amongst the ruins.

Bob rebooted

Outside the Game Cube, Hack and Slash moved a Leech Command into position on top of the Cube. Megabyte ordered them to activate it and the device starting draining energy from the Game Cube.

The Leech Command

Inside the Game, everything started to slow down from the loss of power. The User's responses were extremely slow, and all weapons fire moved very slow. The system sprites continued to operate at normal speed. Bob had Glitch scan the Game and found that its running speed was slowing down, but couldn't figure out why.

Enzo taking advantage of the power drain

Enzo went out in the open in front of the User. He used his gun as a bat and waited for the User to fire. It fired one shot and Enzo easily hit it back at the User and hit its target mark. The User was deleted, and the Game ended with the System as the winner. (When Games Collide)