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Inside the Theatre

The Algorithm Theatre is a proscenium-type theatre in Mainframe, located in Baudway Sector. Outside the venue, a box office is visible where 'tickets' would be sold to the public for admission. (In the Belly of the Beast)(Enzo the Smart)

Algorithm Theatre

Here various musical themes involving drama and comedy are performed by actors for the audience's entertainment. The auditorium seating combined with balconies with raised seating platforms towards the rear are vast and can easily hold hundreds of Sprites and Binomes to watch the performances. The stage has satin theatre drapes, stage curtains and backdrops for full or partial coverage.

A 'Mainframe Strolling Players' production

The stage itself is a traditional raised platform with an array of lighting for effect. Positioned between the stage and below the first seating row is the Orchestra Pit. For musical productions the musicians' play their live instrumental music in front of the stage. Inside this pit, the conductor stands towards the stage and with his back towards the audience to coordinate the music along with the actions of the singers, dancers and actors on stage. Members of the orchestra sit facing the conductor and audience.

Algorithm Theatre

The Mainframe Strolling Players once performed a one-time-only "Everything is Alphanumeric!" musical production featuring the condensed events of Mainframe's Web War right up to the system restart. (End Prog)


  • The name of this theatre was never said on screen. It is taken from cinema in Baudway Sector on a buildings sign 'Algorithm Theatre'.
  • The Algorithm Theatre interior is loosely based on New York State Theater, Lincoln Center.
  • An Algorithm is a step-by-step problem-solving procedure, especially an established, recursive computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.