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Al's Restaurant

Al's Wait & Eat, also called Al's Diner or simply Al's, is a low-rent restaurant and diner in Giedi Prime in Mainframe. It is situated right next to the Principal Office, on Level 31 and in Sector 31. It is owned by Al, a business partner of Dot's, who is very hard of hearing. The low level bar has two levels, which are accessible by a small elevator. There are at least two employees of the infamous bar, Al's Waiter and the Roller Blader.

Al's Pit Stop

Some products such as food containers and plungers have been seen with the words 'Al's Pit Stop' printed on them. This may be an alternate name for the restaurant.

Al's Diner is known for attracting an ugly crowd of Mainframe's less reputable citizens. It is well known for its slow food, so called both because it slows you down and because it takes so bloody long to arrive.

Bar interior

A much rougher and disreputable crowd goes to Al's than to Dot's Diner, including the cannibalistic Seven (who ate Nine) and viral binomes. Occasionally Al's Waiter would have to throw someone out, such as the Numeral And he threw out telling him, "And Stay Out."

During Megabyte's reign over Giedi Prime Al's was forced to pay a regular "insurance" fee or face being trashed by the virals. Despite this, Megabyte has said he's quite fond of the energy shakes there.

As Mainframe began to crash Bob tried to power down the sectors of the city to keep them from collapsing. Unfortunately he wasn't able to save all of the sectors. Level 31 and Al's Diner crumbled into the Energy Sea, but Al and his Waiter had evacuated to the Principal Office. (System Crash)

After Megabyte's fall from power his former viral troops, now called neo-virals, would frequent Al's Diner to get drunk, often starting fights with the staff and people that were never viral. (My Two Bobs)

Dot used Al's for her bachelorette party night. (Null Bot of the Bride)

When Megabyte returned he appeared in Al's Diner to gather together a few neo-virals, including Lieutenant Chauncy and Herr Doktor. (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)