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ReBoot Character
Format Binome
First Appearance The Quick and the Fed
Hobby Cooking Slow Food
Catchphrase "WHAT?!"
Voice Actor Michael Donovan
List of ReBoot Characters.
"WHAT?!" -Al

Al is a one binome that owns Al's Wait & Eat on Level 31 in Mainframe. He never comes to the front of the bar, he works in the back of the restaurant as the chef. Al is extremely hard of hearing, the only thing he ever says is "WHAT?!". Al's Waiter runs the front of the restaurant for him and the Roller Blader waits tables. Al is also a business partner of Dot Matrix's.

According to Al's Waiter, Al only runs at a slow 3 decahertz. (The Quick and the Fed)

Megabyte forced Al to pay a safety fee for having a restaurant in Giedi Prime. If he didn't pay up, Megabyte's viral troops would trash the place.

Al and his Waiter auditioned to play at Enzo's birthday party. Al's Waiter was ready but every time he called for Al to get out to the stage he got the usual "WHAT?!". The System Sensor, Emma See, rejected their act from the show before they had a chance to audition. Dot demanded a reason, and Emma said that she couldn't stand the waiter. (Talent Night)

Megabyte's viral troops tied up Al and took over his kitchen so that they could slip a shrunken ABC into Bob's drink. When Al's Waiter sent back the order to Al, the spy Sergeant Smiley messed up and responded by yelling, "Coming right up." Al's Waiter remarked that Al was running fast today. (The Great Brain Robbery)

Al and his Waiter were evacuated to the Principal Office during the system crash. They were restored along with the rest of Mainframe. (System Crash)

Due to Al's poor hearing, he was completely oblivious to the fact that Megabyte had returned and was attacking people in the front of his restaurant, including his Waiter. (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)

Al's look in Season 1 Episode 4. During Lock down in Season 1 Episode 4. Timestamp 18:18 min. This might have been Al's early design's.

Al. early designed??.png


  • Al has never been seen on screen but is often heard. Al was first heard in The Quick and the Fed. The only time he is seen is in The Great Brain Robbery, but he was completely covered with rope. As a result, the only known fact about his appearance is that he is a one binome.
  • Al's voice is played by Michael Donovan. He also played the voices of Phong, Mike the TV, and Cecil.
  • 3 decahertz is 30 hertz.