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Enzo's air kart

Enzo's Air Kart is based on an XMP-48, an old classic air kart design from the Super Computer, their answer to each driver's needs for speed and comfort in inter-system travel. Its chassis is made from lightweight durable materials with four Zip Boards attached to the frame. The small kart is powerful enough to carry three people. In its heyday it was quite popular among motorists.

Air Kart

Like Bob's Car, the kart is made from technology that allows it to enter Game Cubes.

It came with its own popular advertising slogan "With an XMP-48 you think you're there, and you're there!"

Enzo Matrix build the kit craft himself after modelling it off the Super Computer's design before showing it off to Bob, but was preoccupied with trying to get his own classic, the 262, repaired. ABC forces launched a surprise attack on the Principal Office to steal Mainframe's Core energy. Bob arrived to shut down Megabyte's Transformer but the virus disembarked from his Limousine and prevented him. He was about to attack Bob when Enzo and Frisket flying the aircraft rammed Megabyte into the core energy.

Air Kart striking Megabyte

After the corrupted Game landed on the Principal Office, Enzo used the kart to help Bob, whose car broke down again, retrieve the energy before the Road Warrior Game ended, though Frisket forced the Guardian to ride back-seat. The young sprite accidentally lost his vehicle after driving it off a canyon. After they won he landed the craft to congratulate Bob, though was forbidden to run off into Games again by his sister, Dot. (Bad Bob)


  • The XMP-48 is a reference to a Cray-XMP, which was the most powerful real supercomputer years ago.