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Agent Twelve

Agent Twelve is a viral zero binome under the service of Megabyte. He wears a glasses and mustache disguise and a fedora. His primary function is to scout any activity in Mainframe that interests Megabyte.

Whenever he contacts Megabyte to report what he's seen, he talks in a confusing code. An example is, "If you can't stand the heat go to the dentist and get it fixed." Megabyte can never understand what he's talking about and has to ask him to repeat it in normal words. The virus has electrocuted Agent Twelve for continuing to use his odd code talk.

Agent Twelve followed Bob from a Game Cube to Al's Wait & Eat and reported this information to Megabyte. (The Great Brain Robbery)

He later went with a group of viral spies to Level 1 where they secretly observed Dot's preparations for Enzo's birthday. They were accidentally spotted and one of the viral zeros did some breakdancing. The Program Sensor, Emma See loved it but Dot vetoed their act. (Talent Night)

Agent Twelve has been seen working with Megabyte's other viral spies, like Sergeant Smiley and Agent Six.