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Adria Budd

Adria Budd Johnson was a storywriter for ReBoot and wrote the third-season episode The Episode With No Name.

Adria has long been a producer/storywriter for worked in Production on TV shows such as "Prozac Nation". Adria Budd has worked in development and as a producer's assistant, first at Mainframe Entertainment (where she wrote scripts for ReBoot, "Beast Wars" and "Weird-Ohs") and more recently on "Smallville", "The Outer Limits" and other live-action series. She's also written and produced three shorts. From 2002 Adria worked with Advisor Michael Miner, writer of "Robocop" and director of "The Book of Stars".

As of 2004 she is now married to Canadian actor Eric "Johann" Johnson and they are both expecting their first child in 2008.

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